HB Naturals Presentation [Heart and Body Naturals]

Welcome to my HB Naturals presentation.

In this short review, you will learn all the information you need to know about this new company.

Mise en garde, cet article est complètement rédigé en Anglais, vous pouvez cliquez ici pour lire mon avis complet sur HB Naturals.

Si vous comprenez l’anglais, alors c’est parti.

If you are here, it’s because you’re certainly looking for more information about HB Natural is it ?

So, stay turned and read those following paragraph.

In this article, we will see :

  • What’s HB Naturals
  • Who are the founders
  • HB Naturals products
  • HB Naturals compensation plan
  • How to go fastar and make your first commission
  • My conclusion

Just before going inside of this short review…

I would like to tell you that i’m an HB Naturals partner, it’s better to know that before going anywhere.

And as you will also see through this article, my english isn’t perfect but i’m forcing myself to give you some real information about this company because you made some search from Google and you clicked to this link.


Let’s start with the first point.

What’s HB Naturals ?

HB Natural is a mlm or a network marketing company wich was launched in 2017.

It’s an american company that sell health and wellness product.

As you now, the network marketing is about products and opportunity.

So the company also offers you the opportunity to earn some extra money and with the possibility to attempt your financial freedom.

And I see you’re probably wondering who are the founders.

Right, that’s what I will saw you the next.

Who are HB Naturals Founders ?

HB Naturals was founded by two family member…

Paul, Ben and Alexandria.

As they said, one picture is better than a thousands of word !

So here are the founders of the company.

Fondateurs HB Naturals

If you would like to visit the site, you can visit throught this link.

Now you have some real information about the company and you are famillied with the owners…

Let’s talk about their products.

What products does HB Naturals offers ?

As I mentionned in the beginning, HB Natural sis growing in health and wellness products.

They’re also  have varieted products.

HB Naturals human products have not beeing tested on animals and there’s no OMG.

Here are our gamme of products :

As you can see, we have a variety of products but i’m personnaly loving the weight loss and CBD oil products.

This is some of my favorite product in CBD or Hemp Gamme:

And about weight Loss product, I particulary love :

I do have a free $25 that I can give you in case you want to make a test, just email me at mory (@) libertechemin.com or contact me on this page and tell me you want one.

So you have some idea of what kind of products does HB Naturals offers, it’s now time to talk about the business opportunity.

Right ?

Because I know, if you are reading until here means that you interested about making some extra money with it.

HB Naturals Presentation – Compensation Plan

HB Naturals offers the opportunity to everyone to earn something.

If you’re looking for some complement, it’s better for that.

Or if you are finding a way to quit your job and find your financial freedom…

HB naturals is a great way to achieve that.

And now, you still have this question :

How can I make money with HB Naturals ?


You have 7 way to make money with HB Naturals.

I know entering in details of every way of making money will take you some good time…

But i’m gonna make it easy and comprehensible for you.

So, I said that you have seven way of making money with it, let’s have some short details about them.

  1. Retail Sale : Once you become HB Naturals consultant by subscribing you, you will have access to a free shop site where people can directly buy product. You will earn 50% on CV (Commissionable Volume) of every sale. For example : If Bob use your hbshop site (like this) to purchase CBD Oil at 149,95$ with a 100CV, you will earn 50$ cash on your bank account.
  2. Fast Start
    You will earn 20% to 30% on wholesale orders placed by your Personally Enrolled Members (people you refer) during their first 90 days. Earn the 20% Fast Start Bonus without a personal purchase.
    And you can also earn an additional 10% when you purchase a Value Pack and maintain a 100 CV monthly Auto-Delivery order
  3. STAR (Spring Promotion)
    Earn unlimited bonuses every month when you have 100 PV, two (2) 1st Generation with 100
    PV, four (4) 2nd Generation with 100 PV, and eight (8) 3rd Generation with 100 PV. You can earn a lot of $225 every month with this cycle. Just start and let me show you how.
  4. Matrix (Friday Payday)
    Earn up to $1.00 for every 50 CV order placed by members in your business, no
    matter who enrolled them, when you have 25 PV or 50 PV.
  5. Binary (Instant-Pay Money)
    Earn 4%, 8%, or 12%, depending on your PV, when there is 200 CV in one leg
    and 200 CV in the other.
  6. Match (Team Building Money)
    Earn up to 50% check match of the Binary Commissions on Executive
    Consultants in your enrollment tree, up to 7 generations deep.
  7. Rank Advancement (Guaranteed Cash Money)
    Earn up to $190,000 in Rank Advancement Bonuses.

Those are the way on how to make money with HB Naturals, if you want to learn more about it…

You can sign up here and be in contact with me.

A quick review on Matrix Bonus (paid every friday).

Bonus Matrix HB Naturals

Now let’s see how to get your first results with HB Naturals.

How to Go fastart with HB Naturals ?

This is a common question because you may know what to do to get your results and you were just looking for some good information about the company and you found it…

Don’t go quickly, let me share my best way to get your first results with HB Naturals, the most important goal.

First of all, make sure you choose a right team with HB Naturals.

You can subscribe here for that to make sure that everything will run well.

Second, be active, Login in your HB Naturals account and make a purchase of at least 50CV and make an autoship of 100CV.

Why with 100CV ?

Because it gives you all the potential of HBN compensation plan.

And then, turn it to internet and share your picture with those products or share some motivational picture on your facebook profile.

Respond to all the people that will comment your picture and send the message of those who liked it.

By proceding like this, you will quickly find your first two partner who will get you Executive.

And than, you just have to teach the same process to them.

If you didn’t get anything on how to go fastar, let me simplify again :

First Be active, Second Refer two people, ask them to be active and you go executive and finaly teach them this process.

Simple as system no ?

The good new is that HB Naturals product are cheeper more than what you eat everyday.

$30 or $150 can make you successfull with this business if you put in the work.

Because most of the people have never heard about the company yet, that’s mean it’s a good timing to be part of it.

My Conclusion.

HB Natural is an opportunity that has been offers to us !

You have great product and good business opportunity, the question is :

Will you be in or out ?

I’m all in, if you want to be part of. Simply sign up here and let’s start your first step.

Now what do you think about HB Naturals?

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